Our Board


Kayla Wingbermuehle — Co-Director
Amelia Jones — Co-Director
Ted Floros — Finance Chair
Jon Clancy — Deputy Director
Elad Gross — Communications Director
Bronwyn Ritchie — Recruitment Chair
Alona Sistrunk — Fundraising, Communications Chair
Craig Yugawa — Selections Chair
Mia Ranard — Curriculum Chair
Darian Wigfall — Curriculum and Special Programming Chair
Stephanie Fabre — Logistics/Operations Chair
Dan Peterson — Alumni Engagement Chair

 Questions? Comments? Interested in applying to the next class of fellows?

Contact Dan Peterson (dpeterson@newleaderscouncil.org)
Kayla Wingbermuehle-Brown (KWingbermuehle@newleaderscouncil.org).


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