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New Leaders Council

Prom Court

2016 Prom Court

Prom Court is the 2016 cohorts way of celebrating some of St. Louis's unsung champions. Join us on June 17th to celebrate and enjoy the evening with other St. Louis progressives and to hear a little bit about the possibilities and challenges that our distinguished guests see for our city.


Dr. William Ross

     Will Ross, MD, MPH is professor of medicine in the kidney division and associate dean for diversity at Washington  University School of Medicine. His research focuses on the construction of conceptual frameworks to reduce health-  care disparities. Dr. Ross has been instrumental in redesigning local access to healthcare for the underserved as a  co-founder of Casa de Salud health center. In 2014, he authored the Public Health Report for Better Together St.  Louis, promoting a regional approach to improving public health.

     Dr. Ross is a founding member of the St. Louis Regional Health Commission and is chairman of the St. Louis City  Board for Health.


Travis Sheridan


      He has taught college classes, managed a bank, co-founded several companies, done stand-up comedy  and  spent four years as an Air Force firefighter. Travis Sheridan has done it all. Travis has worked with more  than  400 startups over the past decade in California and St. Louis. With a mission of using innovation and  entrepreneurship to drive community and economic development, Travis is a remarkable asset within the St. Louis community. 



Kimberly Jade Norwood


      Dr. Norwood joined the law school at Washington University in 1990. Her research is focused on black identity, colorism, implicit race bias, and the intersection of race, class, and public education in America. She has created and developed a unique service learning program focused on mentorship for which she has won both local and national awards. Professor Norwood serves as a Comissioner on the American Bar Association's Diversity and Inclusion 360 commission, where she is also co-chair of the Commission's Implicit Bias Committee. Her new book is "Ferguson's Fault Lines: The Race Quake That Rocked A Nation". 

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